From The Big 'O' Larry Ormsby

Australian Drag Racing Legend

After years of prompting from family and friends I have developed stage one of a pictorial scrapbook spanning the 15 years of my ‘on track’ action. 

In presenting the sequence of events it seemed important to me to keep the story constrained to subjects relevant to the sport. 

I invite you to join me in this ‘The Ford Years’ section of that journey which took me from humble beginnings in the XR Falcon GT to the highest end of drag racing competition, Top Fuel.

Along the way, there were some spectacular challenges, not the least of which was my time driving the Waltzing Matilda Jet truck.

It was a busy, vibrant, challenging and satisfying period due in no small part to my team members, in particular, Colin Russell who was there on both the first occasion we raced in 1968 and at the last Nationals we won in 1984. 

Colin introduced to the team a number people who contributed to our success. They include Ray Pickering, Geoff McFarlane, Steve Wherrett, Graeme Moore, Barry Bowling, Bill Brown, Jeff Grech (who went on to become HRT Team Manager) and in particular Mark Watson who took over control of the Top Fuel team and oversaw our 244.55 mph and 5.903-second pass.

Prior to and during this competition period, I had a business to run and became involved in the sports administration. 

When I retired from competition, I still maintained an active involvement in the sport through my collaboration with Jim Read in RPS Promotions.

There were many other people who advised and helped me reach my goals. To them as well, I am extremely grateful.

Larry Ormsby