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351 Limited Edition

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Larry Ormsby's Scrapbook. The Ford Years.

351 Limited Edition

This is a must-have for all Drag Racing and Muscle Car fans, legendary Australian drag racer, the Big 'O' Larry Ormsby's stunning new, limited edition book “Larry Ormsby’s Scrapbook – The Ford Years."

The Larry Ormsby Scrapbook – The Ford Years is initially only available in a strictly limited edition of just 351 copies, with the 351 Limited Edition presented in a commemorative rigid box, with both the box and book cover featuring distinctive silver foil embossing. 

Each copy will include an individually signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity to match the corresponding book number.

The stunning book details the early years of Ormsby's incredible career, documenting an exciting, bygone era in racing when the ‘Win on Sunday. Sell on Monday’ mantra ruled the sales strategies of major car companies.

The 285-page quality publication details Ormsby’s introduction to the drag racing, and how his class-winning performances could not have been better timed as he captured the attention of legendary Ford Racing boss Al Turner to earn factory support.

All three of Ormsby’s famous GT Falcons are covered – his original XR GT, his Nationals-winning XW GTHO, and the full factory-supported XY GTHO “Braker III” with which Ormsby claimed the first ever Australian Nationals Pro Stock title.

The book includes in-depth insight into each car and their modifications – both successes and failures – and performances, as recalled by Ormsby, Turner, and iconic Ford Racing mechanic, Colin Russell, also known as “Russell the Rascal.”

It also features racing results of the day, extracts of race reports from RODsports magazine, scores of rare photos, and never-seen-before documents such as Ormsby’s ground-breaking Ford contract and correspondence relating to the formation of ANDRA.

Ormsby not only recalls his early career, but pays tribute to his fellow drag racing stars of the era, such as “Dyno Dave” Bennett, Ron Harrop, Don Figgins, Graham Withers, Ian Splatt, Pommie Peter Allen, Geoff Ryde, Morrie Allen, and Jim Fife – providing readers with an incredible look back at the formative years of Australian drag racing.

This must have book for Drag Racing and Muscle Car fans, The Larry Ormsby Scrapbook – The Ford Years 351 Limited Edition, is only $351 plus postage

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