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The Larry Ormsby Scrapbook – The Ford Years

Standard Edition

Following the successful release of the premium 351 Limited Edition, the standard edition of legendary Australian drag racer, the Big O Larry Ormsby’s brilliant new book, “The Larry Ormsby Scrapbook – The Ford Years” is now on sale.

Like the premium edition, The Larry Ormsby Scrapbook – The Ford Years standard issue is still only available in strictly limited numbers. 

It is the same high quality, 285-page publication detailing the early years of Ormsby’s incredible career.

As the title suggests, it specifically relates to the late 1960s and early-mid 1970s when Ormsby became famous for storming down Australian drag strips at the wheel of a trio of tough, record-setting GT and GTHO Falcons.

It also features racing results of the day, extracts of race reports from RODsports magazine, scores of rare photos, and never-seen-before documents such as Ormsby’s ground-breaking Ford contract and correspondence relating to the formation of ANDRA.

Ormsby not only recalls his own career, but pays tribute to fellow drag racing stars of the era, such as “Dyno Dave” Bennett, Ron Harrop, Don Figgins, Graham Withers, Ian Splatt, Pommie Peter Allen, Geoff Ryde, Morrie Allen, and Jim Fife – providing readers with an incredible look back at the formative years of Australian drag racing.

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